Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gray Gray Go Away!

Being a Hair Colorist at The Hair Parlor in Lee, FL. I know the struggle that many of my clients have. Their hair grows fast. I apply the color and I get every one of those gray hairs. Soon 3 weeks arrive and so does the regrowth of their hair. The silver is shining. There is no way to stop it. So, I decided to do some research. I knew there are some products out there to help you get by without being a beacon in the night. I know some of you know what I mean. Here's a few that seem to have good reviews.

#1 Joan Rivers Great Hair Day
Joan Rivers Great Hair Day

Feel More Confident!

Transform Your Hair from Thin to Thick Instantly!

  • Hides hair loss, thinning hair, bald spots, and root growth
  • Eliminates shiny spots from exposed scalp
  • Gives the illusion of thick, full hair
  • Formulated to stay on the scalp
  • Guaranteed even color distribution

One of my clients brought Joan Rivers Great Hair day in for me to keep and use on her every week when she comes in for a shampoo & style. I use it between her color appointments it seems to blend the gray away and also makes hair look thicker. It comes in a few colors. It's sold at  
Soft Surroundings website . Their catalogue  offers beautiful soft  well made clothing , home interior and beauty products. Have a Great Hair Day costs around $29. It can also be purchased through  QVC Here's the link to read more about it ......Click on Joan Rivers Great Hair Day 

#2 Rita Hazan
Rita Hazan

Rita Hazan Root Concealer

Master colorist, Rita Hazan, spent more than three years solving the biggest problem for every woman who colors her hair—how to cover up roots, especially those roots that start to come in just a few weeks after permanent color is applied. Root Concealer is water- and sweat-resistant and won't stain the face or clothing or bed linens. With just four shades personally developed by Rita and tested for over a year in her 5th Avenue salon, every woman can find a shade that perfectly blends with her hair color.
To me this one is the best one. I've never used it, but I'd sure love to get it to try on a few of my clients. This one can also be purchased on QVC for a little more money at $35. The best price is $24 at Sephora. Here's the link Rita Hazan Root Concealer at Sephora

Buttercream Cosmetics Shampowder
There's not always time for a shower, but there's always time for Shampowder!
Shampowder dry shampoo allows you to have freedom between washings and will revive, volumize and deodorize your hair. By absorbing the oils that weigh down unwashed hair - lifeless hair is transformed into full, more manageable hair while the pigmented powder blends seamlessly, disguising the fact that you skipped a washing. The lightly vanilla scented powder is available in THREE shades. To apply, dab - dab - dab the specially designed all-in-one applicator brush to generously apply powder directly to your hairline and scalp.
Shampowder is perfectly purse-sized for women on the go and the handy all-in-one applicator is compact enough to drop into your handbag or travel bag.

  • Instantly freshens hair
  • Absorbs oil
  • Adds body
  • Pigmented powder blends naturally with all hair colors
  • Exclusive brush applicator delivers the perfect amount of product exactly where you want it
  • Enhances manageability
  • Light vanilla scent deodorizes hair
  • Less washings equals healthier hair
I must say I love the website and packaging. It's super cute and the price is only $15.99.   The only drawback is they only have 3 colors. Click here to read more about this product and purchase. Buttercream Cosmetics Shampowder

Have a Great Hair Day!
Shannon Keel

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