Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve VIVIDS project!!!

My New Years VIVIVDS project!!! 

This year has been so full. I get so caught up in the day to day hair I've forgotten to come here and blog. I must be better. I have so much to tell you about.

Since my last blog about going to Rebecca Taylor's VIVIVDS class. I've done quite a few fun colors. Most have been panels or several streaks throughout the hair. Even one I did mostly 
Magenta and violets. It was beautiful.  All have been so fun. 

Today I had the opportunity to have free reign on one of my lovely clients. I was so excited but wanted to challenge myself with something differnt, really using colors I usually done use. 

I always go for purples and pinks.

I had looked at many hair pics for inspiration  and couldn't figure out what I wanted to do so I chatted with a couple of my stylist friends this morning Heidi Grether and Ruby Devine. (Look them up on Instagram)  Ruby mentioned finding an inspiration photo... She was right... As soon as I saw it I knew.... My brothers photo of the Alaskan sunset. 

Once I had this is my mind and knew these colors would work together.. Afterall they do it nature. Next I decided to start custom mixing my pravana VIVIVDS colors. I used white bowls so I could see how they'd look.  I grabbed tubes of color that I've never touched. Orange, yellow, green... Oh so many!  A dab of this a dab of that... Finally I felt I had it right. I even added a bowl of deep violet blue. 

To begin! I have been lightening the top. It still had a bit of warmth that I didn't want for this color to work.
I mixed pravana Vivids clear with a dab of violet and silver to tone the warmth away. 

I created a roadmap of sorts I'm my head for how I needed to place these colors. Of couse I took a few side roads along the way. I began filling up her blonde hairs with lovely colors melting one into the next. I even used a little pop of yellows ( ruby suggested that)  Using EmBee meche to seperate.

I let her processed  for 20 mins and reminded her of the cold water needed to rinse... brrrr it was cold. Yes this is best for vivid colors to last. She was a champ! 

Next blowdry and style and gaze!!! We were both so thrilled!  Here's a few after pics . Enjoy! 

And again here's my Alaskan sunset inspired hair project... What fun I had! 

Find something that inspires you... It could be a sunset, living room ucolors, a flower... You can find it anywhere. It's right in front of your eyes. 

Happy coloring!!!  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Be Present

I see the last time I posted a blog was in 2012... oh man have I been out of touch! Im here now though. I'm present. I'm present in more ways than one. I've been doing hair for a long time and as any stylist knows we have ups and we have downs. Times that were fully present in what we do. Other times we just "do".
Recently I've become a member of a stylist forum through Facebook. Rebecca Taylor, who I've admired her work for a long time, started the forum. Stylists from all over the world are a part of it. Its truly amazing how we all feed from each other, learn from each other. Seeing each others work, being part of a large community of people that do the same thing, it makes you want to be better at what you do. It really lit a fire in me about hair. I don't believe it ever went out but sometimes it dwindles down. The flames are burning hot now. 

One of the things that I decided was I needed to learn some new techniques. Balayage and ombre were something that even though I watched YouTube videos, I just couldn't seem to master. Another was Vivids colors.  I knew I needed a class. Of course what better person than Rebecca Taylor. She was 4 hours away. My dear friend and mentor Heidi Grether and her sweet assistant and stylist Alanna decided to go together. I saved up my money and headed to take this class...Let me say... It changed me as a stylist. I feel like now I have more options with color than I ever had. I now have more vision for my clients than ever.

 If you're a stylist let me tell you, don't be afraid to spend money on education... I promise it's worth it, every penny. You're clients love knowing you're learning new things too. It says to them that your not just there to do their hair and go home... you are present. You're there for them. 

All pics here are are from my class and some work that I've done since Rebecca's and a few other classes I've taken. I hope you enjoy.