Sunday, May 6, 2012

Prom Hair!

Prom was this week! Something must be in the water. These girls are gorgeous!
For several years I didn't do special occasion hair. After moving to a new town a few years ago, i decided it was time to get my hands back into bobby pins,  curling irons and hairspray. Prom is a special day for these girls so i always want to do my best. I go to Youtube to watch how-to videos. I also go to classes when I can. One of my favorites is stylist Martin Parsons also known among hairstylists as "The Up-do King". These are great ways to keep up to date with things that are going on. There's always things to learn.

Below I have a list of products that I love and some reminders for you as you are planning that special day. You will be glad and so will your stylist.

Rachael's messy twisted side up-do
 Most my clients bring in a picture of a style that they like.... Pinterest or Google Images are both great sources. Find other styles on my salon page, The Hair Parlor.

Most importantly, my clients give me creative freedom to do what their hair wants and needs to do to be at it's best.  (Girls, this is the best way for you to walk out of the salon happy)
Here are pictures of my girls from this weekend. Rachael, Eryn and Hannah.  They were great clients and turned out beautiful.

If you want or need lots of curls, plan for around 1hour. Especially if you have long hair. This will help you to be sure to plan your time so you can get ready with a little time to spare in case, well you know "things" can happen.

Eryn's blond bombshell curls

Hannah's Blonde curls partial up-do
Things to remember!
#1 Shampoo hair the night before.
#2 Wear a button up shirt
#3 Have an idea of what you want. Pictures are great.
( unless of course, you're leaving 100% up to your stylist)
#4 Arrive on time
#5 SPEAK UP! Stylists can not read your mind.

Products I love using for special occasion styles:
Kenra Hot Spray
Kenra #25 firm hold Hairspray
New fav, Aquage Hairspray

Thank you to my sweet girls for allowing me to post their pics. It was a great day. I know they had fun at their Prom.... (I saw their pictures).

Happy Hair Day!! Shannon Keel The Hair Parlor Facebook page


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