Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Do It!

I'm a Hairstylist, I have been for several years. I own my own salon. I help make my clients look and feel beautiful. By that sometimes, I have to direct them in the way that I know is best. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don't. Somehow when it comes to myself, it's not so easy. I will get bored just as easy as any woman does and get scared to change. I've been wearing my hair with blonde hilights for a few years now. A year ago I  was about to turn 40 and needed a new look. I called my good friend Heidi Grether in Pensacola, FL. She cut it short and I felt great! I was SASSY, ok at least my hair was.
Now a year has passed and I've decided to let my hair grow and I tell you, as most of you know that has grown or tried to grow..... that in-between stage is TOUGH. I was feeling blah with my in-between hair, I decided it's time to change my color. I've seen so many beautiful redheads in Pinterest......It's just my  time. I've been deciding to go red for, I hate to admit, MONTHS.I need to just do it!
picture from Pinterest

 I have several clients that make a decision in minutes. My client Patti was in my chair for the first time ever. She wanted blonde hilghts like she always had. I was in the color room with my assistant Mauri. I mentioned to her, "Patti needs to be red!" I could see it on her. I went to speak to Patti about my idea for her. She say "OK"..... OK??  She said OK!  We went back with a new plan of action. Patti's hair turned out beautiful. More than anything she had the belief in me that I knew what was best and she took that leap with me.
Patti, my brave trusting soul. 
If only I had the "guts" to do the same  for my own self as some of my clients.
 I finally did.
I feel like a new person!! I may not get past this growing out stage, but I feel new and fresh again. It's amazing what color can do for someone. Why not take that leap?

ME! Finally RED!!
Last thing......Do not attempt this at home! Going from Blonde to Red is tricky and takes a lot of knowledge of your Hairstylist. If you do, you may turn out with funky colors in your hair. Then you will need to call your stylist to fix it. Save yourself the trouble. If you're ready for something new, maybe some hilights, brown, gold or red like I did. Just do it!

Shannon Keel


  1. Awe!! I love this! Mom is pretty "gutsy"- always has been :) I, too wish I could channel some of that bravery!

  2. Excellent choices on your changes! Awesome color change for your client. I want to do some red I have been platinum waaaayyy tooooo looong!